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Patios Canberra: The Highest Quality Outdoor Services

As Patios Canberra specialists, we install the highest quality decks and Patio covers for homes in Canberra. Patio coverings are a great way to add value to your home whilst also increasing the livability of your outdoor space.

The team at Guaranteed Building have over years of experience designing and constructing beautiful outdoor living additions. Our expertise ranges from Patios to flat patio covers over decks, all the way up to fully enclosed rooms which can be heated or cooled as desired!

The Ultimate Patio Experience

Here at Guaranteed Building, our Patio services include: Patio Design and Installation Patio Construction Patios with a View Patio in the Shade Flat Patio Covers over Decks Fully Enclosed Rooms Heated & Cooled Spaces. Our team will design outdoor construction projects to meet your needs. Whether you want something basic or more complex, we can help! Contact Guaranteed Building today for an obligation free quote on Patios Canberra.

Our experienced team are here to answer any questions you may have about designing and building fantastic Patio designs that suit your property perfectly. We specialise in all aspects of patio construction, from complete patio covers to beautiful additions such as pergolas, gazeboes and even heated patios! Patio construction is a great way to make the most of your outdoor space. Decks are perfect for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying Canberra’s beautiful weather all year round.

Patios can be built in any shape or size using high-quality building materials which will stand up to the most challenging conditions like our concrete paving stones that come with a year warranty – so you know they won’t fade or crack over time. We even offer custom design solutions such as pergolas! We can guide you through every step of adding a fantastic patio structure to your property from start to finish.

Decking Canberra by Guaranteed Building

Free quotes and no obligation estimates. You'll be able to enjoy entertaining in your backyard all year round.

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    Canberra's most trusted patio builders

    We’re locally owned and operated, so you can trust us to deliver on our commitments without any of the big city price tags. When it comes to Patios Canberra, we’ve got your back!

    All of our Patio Builders are fully insured for your complete peace of mind. Whether it is a Patio Cover or something more complex, contact one of our experts today. We will be happy to give you some design advice or answer any questions you might have about adding an outdoor living space to your property. Guaranteed Building is here for exterior construction projects in Canberra, ACT, including pergolas & carports and Patios Canberra.

    We take pride in making sure you’re Patio Builders in Canberra are always up for the task and that your Patios, verandas & balconies will last a lifetime. With our Patio covers fitting seamlessly into any existing outdoor space or creating new ones from scratch – Guaranteed Building can help turn your backyard dreams into reality.

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    The Benefits Of Having a Patio Installed

    During the hazy and lazy summer months, wouldn’t it be nice to have a patio where you can escape from the heat and enjoy time with your family or friends? Here is a list of its Benefits:

    Low Maintenance

    Patios is low maintenance. They are easy to clean and do not require much upkeep, unlike many other outdoor constructions.

    Extend Your Living Area

    Patios is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. You can bring your Patio closer to the living area and make use of it.

    Perfect For Entertaining

    Patios are made for entertaining guests during the summer or winter months with family and friends in an outdoor environment.

    Increase The Value Of Your Property

    Patios increases the value of your property when selling because buyers love them!

    Improve your lifestyle

    if installed correctly by our experts who have years of experience working on Patios Canberra. They know how to design and install a Patio that features the best quality materials available at affordable prices.


    Patios are durable because they’re built with the best quality materials such as concrete pavers or porcelain tiles.

    Our Patio Services include:

    We pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in Patios Canberra! We create unique custom designs with high-quality materials that cater specifically to each client’s requirements whilst maintaining affordability and practicality.

    Our team comes together as an expert group of professionals who specialise in all outdoor construction services. They combine their knowledge, experience and expertise to create Patios Canberra that makes a difference in the lives of our customers every day.

    Contact Us Now To Get The Expert Patio Builders in Canberra

    If you would like to add Patios or any other outdoor construction experts, please let us know! Guaranteed Building is a family-owned business that has been operating for years.

    We provide Patio Cover Construction and Patios Canberra and guarantee quality artistry with every job we do. Patios are not just a luxury add-on but can be used to extend your living space and create comfortable outdoor areas. Call Us Now For A Free Quote.